Klutzy’s granpa

Remember when G told us klutzy is not Herbert’ only accomplice?

Check out this picture:

klutzy's granpa/grandfather/father/dad

Do you think it IS klutzy’s grandpa, or his dad?


2 thoughts on “Klutzy’s granpa


    Herbert the polar bear wishes for a sunny,hot,warm place to live.As he was a orphan,there was so one to support him.But,then also he does not looses his hope.somehow he reaches to a iceberg,that was really far,far,far away from Herbert’s home.He survived their for two or three months he got bored and bored and bored.Then one day he thought it is enough.He thought that now its time to begin a journey for a sunny,hot,warm place.he jumped of the iceberg to the cold,freezing water.But there was a thing that Herbert forgot.The thing was that——–HERBERT CANT SWIM!!!!!!!!!!!!He shouted for help but no one came.When he loosed all of his hope then,he was rescude by a crab called klutzy.Herbert thanked klutzy for saving his life then then they began the journey to the sunniest,hottest,and warmest place.As Herbert was rescude by klutzy he also saved klutzy’s life ones.They both became friends.if Herbert has a problem klutzy says that its my problem too,and if Herbert likes any thing klutzy says i also like that thing.their friendship was very deep.after two,three months they found land.tears of happiness were felling from Herbert’s eyes.fast klutzy we should reach that island very fast i cant wait to see a sunny,hot and warm land said Herbert.Herbert cant beilived that his dream has came true.klutzy was happy for Herbert too.But,unfortunately the island was coverd by ice.He was really dissapointed.He decided that he will destroy lodge arctic and make a campfire there.Klutzy dont want to destroy club penguin’s warmest place because he cared for penguins.But then also he was happy to help his friend.they tried to destroy the lodge arctic but PSA stopped them.Thats why Herbert became a enemy of club penguin.And then he decided to take his revenge from club penguin.we would destroy club penguin one day said Herbert to klutzy.klutzy dont want to do things that are wrong.But he can not cheat his friend Herbert…………….

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