April fools party started & cheats here

April fools party has started today!! We know everyone is excited, and here are some screenshots & cheats:
Also, there are some new pins!
Pin #1: White puffle
Room: Book room -Second floor of coffee shop

Pin #2: Yellow puffle
Room: Mine shack—TRACKED

Scavenger Hunt:

Go to the Snow Forts and into the Box Dimension to access every room below.

  1. The first piece is in the Box Dimension. The easiest way to get there is to go to the Snow Forts on your map and walk through the large box portal. Then click on the box on the ground in the middle of the Box Dimension area.
  2. The second piece is in the Desert Room, which is a separate area inside the Box Dimension. Go through the portal with a cactus on it to get there. Then pick up the box, which appears in the background and looks like an orange monument.
  3. The third piece is in the Doodle Dimension. Click on the pencil at the bottom and it will draw a box on the yellow post-it. Then click on it to pick it up.
  4. Head over to the Space Dimension to get the fourth piece. Connect the stars in the middle of the night sky to form the picture of a giant stapler, then pick it up.
  5. No go to the Silly Place to get the fifth piece. It’s on the spring chair on the right-hand side of the room.
  6. The sixth piece is in the upside-down Stair Dimension.
  7. The seventh piece is in the Cream Soda Dimension. This one is a little tricky, because you need to navigate the maze to get to the cage in the upper-right corner. Once you arrive, walk over the brown box on the ground to open the cage and then click on the tape.
  8. The eighth and final piece is in the Candy Room. Click on the spoon handle in the upper-left and it will scoop out some ice cream. The last box will appear on the scoop and you can click on it to pick it up.

After you claim your prize, you can go to your body items and wear the box! Here’s what it looks like.

This is what it looks like when you dance. Pretty weird…

Also, if you put on the box at least once, you gain access to a special “Boxes Only” room. To go there, walk into the center of the box dimension and you will be teleported into a very strange place. There are two free items, seen below.

They are both free and can be found by clicking on the locker at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Still got trouble? Check out this video:

Get the propeller hat:

1. Go to the Dock, throw as much snowballs as you can at the board.

2. Pick up the Purple Propeller Hat on the squiging thing at the right.

Now you have the Propeller Hat.

Also try to get the Food fight stamp. Go to the pizza parlor and throw a snowball. You got this stamp!!


-If you try to click your puffles, it won’t open!!! CP, this is not funny!! Flare, I’ll save you as soon as possible! don’t die!! ;)

-If you get out of the dance club, you get an iceberg

-Go to the Recycling plant. Get a spinning arrow room:

spinning arrow room april fools day march-april 2011 joke

Cool joke CP!!!

Still, I think, and other CP cheats sites too, that club penguin has gone waaaaaay tooooo faaaar with memberships. Non-members don’t get ANYTHING except a small propeller hat. We should protest!!!

-Mokibob & Cydrobolt


3 thoughts on “April fools party started & cheats here

  1. I hate how ever since Disney took over, Cp has never been the same. That’s why I quit for a while, but im back. Yeah, the members-only stuff gets annoying, even if I am member. Also, I will update this site along with mine, being an author would be cool, thanks:)

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