Club Penguin gone insane!!!


Guess what? Today when I was checking some membership prices for CAN$, I saw the price for USD$ changed; I t went up, not down!

Club penguin is insane!! march 30 2011 T0 Club Penguin cheats

It went from 5.95 to 7.95! In addition, Club Penguin removed our games in June 2010. It was better before Disney took over Club Penguin. What makes me angrier is we can’t even go into any other dimensions in the Box dimension & they go us stuck in the island without special rooms!

Ok, Club Penguin employees if you see this please tell Disney they went INSANE. Thank you.

Or, if you are one of these angry penguins, please e-mail Club Penguin saying they went INSANE/CRAZY here please.

Good luck.


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