New Parent Update e-mail and New EPF messages

Today, CP sent us an new Parent Update e-mail. Here is what CP said:

Excitement is growing in Club Penguin about Earth Day on April 22. There are lots of ways you and your child can celebrate the planet – like making an Earth Friendly Meal!
Celebrating Earth Day   Celebrating Earth Day

As your child roams around the island during this year’s Earth Day Party, April 21-26, they will find out about endangered animals and their habitats. Be sure to ask what they discover during this celebration.

Protecting the Planet   Protecting the Planet

Your child’s concern for the environment inspires us. In addition to the support from Coins For Change, this Earth Day, Club Penguin will donate $100,000 USD to protect more of the world’s endangered species. Watch this video together to learn more.

May Sneak Peek   May Sneak Peek

Speaking of animals, tell your child to look out for suspicious activity at the Everyday Phoning Facility. Secret agents will soon come face-to-face with Club Penguin’s resident villain, Herbert P. Bear. Let them know that they need to team up with other agents, and use LOTS of snowballs to defeat him.Gotta be quick throwing snowballs! Press “T” on your keyboard and then click to shoot. Do that quick to beat the upcoming challenge!!



In other news, EPF sent us various mesages:
The most rencent one was:

A new party will be announced in this week’s newspaper. This is the info Herbert is waiting for. Stand by for orders


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