Club Penguin Field Ops #40

Hello Penguins!

Field Ops are released once a week and today Club Penguin released a new Field Op! Every time you complete a field op, you will receive a medal to unlock elite gear! Anyway, to complete the 40th Field Op go to the HQ and click the yellow screen.

Accept the Field Op and go to the Ice Berg. Waddle to Ice Berg corner and wait there until your spy phone turns green…

Okay, first of all, this game is kind of confusing… all you need to do is click your spacebar when the arrow points to the number you are supposed to hit. That number is located on the bottom-left corner of your spy phone. Take a look:

Well done agents! Now the island is safe from Herbert and his creepy robots. So what do you think? I heard Herbert and Probot want to destroy the island next week?! Hmm… Complete your weekly field op and find out more! It’s t secret! LOL

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!



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