Earth Day party cheats-April 2011

Yesterday, Club Penguin’s Earth Day party was started. There is an scavenger hunt, a new pin, free items and most importantly, Rockhopper!!
Let’s start with the Scavenger Hunt.

The first one:”The first egg is hidden way up high,start your search near a small bonzai” Hidden up high and near a small bonzai. The Dojo! Go to the dojo and click on the small bonzai near the sensei:

Club Penguin Earth day party egg hunt 1

The second one:”This clue requires a very short note: Find this egg near a floating boat.
Sure. Go to the dock and click on the green(almost) rock at the bottom:

Club Penguin Earth Day egg hunt-2

Third one: “The next clue is a total breeze. Look for this egg around some trees.” Waddle to the forest and click on the egg in the left-bottom corner:

Club Penguin Earth day egg hunt 3

4th one says “where you like to swim” Quickly go to the underground pool accessible from the town and click on the lifeguard’s chair:

5th one. Go to the mine shack and click on the egg on the tree:

6th one. Rocking horse leads us straight to the Lodge Attic.

7th one(almost finished!!). Go to the Ski hill and click the egg in the left-hand side of your screen.

CP Earth day egg hunt 5

Last one!! Go to the Snow Forts, the only place having a snow machine ; currently:

CP 2011 Earth day egg hunt 6

Click on the easter egg icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and Claim your prize!!!

There is a free item at the plaza and in Rockhopper’s ship, Migrator.

Go to the plaza and click on the hats:

Cowboy hat during CP's Earth day party april 2011

as you may expect, Rockhopper has brang a free item. This time it is a background:

Cowboy hat during CP's Earth day party april 2011
This time, we have a hidden item in the Rockhopper’s Catalog. Just click the “Boiling Cauldron” as directed above.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there’s a new pin in the Ski Lodge. 😉


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