Club Penguin Earth Day Party Cheats

Hello Penguins!

First of all, Im mad at Club Penguin for updating early. Second, I don’t know what second is! Haha… The Earth Day Party is back with lots of new decorations and some outfits you might like. The whole island is painted green in celebration of the Earth Day which is tomorrow!

There’s green everywhere but sadly, this party is not what many of us expected. There’s only 1 new free item and 2 animal costumes for members-only. To get the first item go to the Plaza and waddle to the box full of Outback Exploring hats. This item is for members and non-members:

To get the member items, go to the Dock to get the African Painted Dog costume and go to the Snow Forts to get the Snow Leopard costume. Remember, this costumes are for members-only and you have to pay 50 coins for each one. Take a look:

Sweet! That’s all for now. I’m pretty disappointed with this new party because we all thought there was something big coming. So what do you think? Are you liking the Earth Day party?

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think! Thank you Gaming Kid for then snow leopard picture!


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