Big EPF anouncement-April 2011: new field ops, Stealth gear and big EPF launch coming

There’s a new field ops on Club Penguin, new stealth gear, and a big EPF launch coming.

Start with the field ops (April 2011), which is only a drill. It’s supposed to be in a everyday object. Well, it is.
Go to the Coffee Shop and click on that small tree thing:

Club Penguin Cheats-Field ops location April 28 2011

Next, click on your beeping EPF phone and do the field ops.

Club PEgnuion Cheats-Field ops April 28 2011 screenshot

It is very easy: just click on the right shape, the one displayed on the right before the timer runs out.
When you’re all done, you will see Dot’s message:

Club Penguin Field ops April 28 2011

Cool, Dot!  Talking of Stealth, CP’s Stealth gear just came out:

Club Penguin EPF Stealth gear

About the big EPF launch, we’re not so sure about it. On the photo of CP’s annual planning whiteboard, it said it, so we thought it could be cool to tell you about it. More info soon…


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