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CP made a new post in the What’s new blog:

Rockhopper is about to set sail from the island once again on another adventure. Last week we asked where you would explore if you were a pirate adventurer. Captain Reading2008 said:
If I was a pirate and I could explore I’d go to the Easter Islands and find out more about the giant heads. I would also check if there were any secret doors hidden. That would be super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d be known as “Captain readin’ 2008”!!!! 
Thanks for everyone’s adventurous comments!
This week, the team just released some new stamps for two games on Club Penguin — Pizzatron 3000 and Ice Fishing! That made me wonder… how many Stamps have you earned so far, and which one was the hardest one to get? “
Well, I think it is Pizzariaton 3000’s Dessert chef badge! What do YOU think?

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