What’s new on CP in May & June

Billybob has posted on the What’s new blog again! This time he’s gonna tell us about the upcoming events.

Let’s check it out…

He first said:
“It’s a brand new month, and the team is putting the finishing touches on some new stuff for Club Penguin. It all starts this week with a new catalog at the Gift Shop!
Here’s a sneak peek of some things coming over the next couple months… “
And at the end…
“In other news… Some of you may have heard that a certain polar bear may be planning something later this month. Elite agents will need to be ready to work together on this one… “
Interesting pictures… Let me guess. The white mussel is representing the “Big EPF launch”, or Herbert’s attack which we had to throw snowballs at.  I was supposed to happen during the Earth Day party, but maybe it got cancelled.
The piano probably represents the Gift shop catalog because one of the pages had a penguin playing piano.
The knight represents the upcoming medieval party.

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