Club Penguin Times Issue #291

Today is Friday which means the new Club Penguin Times is out on Club Penguin, let’s take a look at the feature story.

Club Penguin are preparing for the Medieval Party! This article is all about it, asking you to help out with the construction. The article says that testers will be needed in the underground pool for hot sauce tasting! As the pool has been emptied, my guesses are that it will be filled with Hot Sauce!

Now for the upcoming events:

  • May 20 – Medieval Party Begins!
  • May 20 – Ye New Penguin Mail
  • May 20 – Medieval Catalog
  • May 20 – Underwater Adventure at the Stage
  • May 20 – New Pin Released!

Club Penguin sure have a lot of new stuff coming out soon! I can’t wait, can you? Tell us in a comment!


Note: Sorry aobut not posting alot, it’s the end of the year, and you get those HUGE tests that you have to take each year to pass *Cough*FINALS*Cough*


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