Club Penguin Field Ops #64

The brand new field ops, Field Ops 64, is here! To begin, go to the EPF Command Room for your briefing. Do note that it may take a few hours before you can complete it as the operation is still quite new.

To complete the Field Ops, go to the Recycling Center (accessible via the Mine). Once you are there, walk towards the Recycletron 3000.

Like many previous field ops, you will have to complete the chipset in this week’s operation! After you complete the operation, you will receive a congratulatory message from Rookie!

Thanks Agent, I really appreciate your help. Now I can use the recycletron to help prepare for the Expedition!

I bet you’re wondering what I need the Recycletron 3000 for. Well it’s a surprise! Thanks again!

You have now completed the Field Op. What could Rookie need the Recycletron 3000 for? Let me know what you think in a comment.


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