Club Penguin Times Issue #325

Club Penguin have published their 325 edition of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper. This newspaper contains a lot more information regarding the upcoming Underwater Expedition party on January 26.

This article goes on to say that Rookie is organising the event, therefore he surely must be attending the party. He says that you can go beneath the island to discover artefacts and much more.

It seems like Rookie hasn’t just got involved with the upcoming party, he has also rewritten the Twelfth Fish okay script. You can head on to the stage now to check out the new play.

These are all the events coming very soon to the Club Penguin island, they are:

  • Starting Now – Twelfth Fish at the Stage
  • Starting Jan. 19 – Better Igloos Catalog
  • Starting Jan. 26 – Postcards
  • Starting Jan. 26 – New Pin
  • Starting Jan.26 – Underwater Expedition Party

These are all pretty cool events, I especially cannot wait for the Underwater Expedition Party. Let me know what you think in a comment.


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