Club Penguin Fashion Show February 2012 Walkthrough Guide Cheats

Ah, what a let down! Not much to say here… The Fashion Show has just started but sadly, there’s nothing to talk about here. There’s no free items, cheats or anything. Here’s how the Gift Shop looks like:

There’s also a new Clothing Catalog but I’ll make another post about that. You can change stuff around the Gift Shop by clicking the buttons on the computer. Click the yellow button to change the “Fashion Show” banner, the blue one to change the runway lights, and finally click the red and green buttons to change the lighting form the sealing.

There’s also a new homepage about the Fashion Show. I usually never post about this kind of stuff but to be honest, I love it! It’s so classy yet fun! I love seeing all hose flashes! It makes me feel famous… he he! Take a look below:

So what do you think? I honestly thought the Fashion Show would be huge but I guess I was wrong. I wish they could add one free items. What do you think? Don’t forget DJ Cadence will be waddling around the Gift Shop for the next 2 weeks and yes – everyone will be able to meet her!

Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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