Down Time & Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Cheats

Tomarroro Site Will Be Down For A Week We Will Come Back Dont Worrier Enjoy The Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Cheats Post 🙂

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Club Penguin has released Rockhopper’s Quest on the island!

Everyone can get the Crew Cap at the Beach.

Once you board the ship, Rockhopper will talk to you some.

After a short while you will arrive at your first room!

Before you enter the room, Rockhopper will talk to you and give some instructions.

This is the Swashbuckler Trading Post.

If you’re a member you can purchase some items.

Here is the Catalogue:

Get the rope above the Fish Dogs stand!

Head back to the Migrator to set sail again.


After a short period of time you’ll arrive at the next island!

Rockhopper will talk to you and say to get a gem.

Here’s Rockhopper’s Island.

Members can purchase more items.

Here’s the catalogue:

Get the gem as told.

It’ll then be added to the ship.

Reboard the Migrator again.

We’ve arrived at Shipwreck Island!

Rockhopper will have more orders for you.

This is Shipwreck Island:

Go over to the materials and click them a few times to build the beacon.

You’ll then get a free pin.

From here members can enter the special viking room.

They can get two free items from the chest:

Once you’ve finished the quest you can then sail wherever you want whenever you want.

This is the map:

You can also see the beacon in the Telescope:

That wraps up Rockhopper’s Quest! How are you liking it? Comment below!

(Thanks Trainman For Pics I Didn’t Make You Rock)


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