Down Time & Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Cheats

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Club Penguin has released Rockhopper’s Quest on the island!

Everyone can get the Crew Cap at the Beach.

Once you board the ship, Rockhopper will talk to you some.

After a short while you will arrive at your first room!

Before you enter the room, Rockhopper will talk to you and give some instructions.

This is the Swashbuckler Trading Post.

If you’re a member you can purchase some items.

Here is the Catalogue:

Get the rope above the Fish Dogs stand!

Head back to the Migrator to set sail again.


After a short period of time you’ll arrive at the next island!

Rockhopper will talk to you and say to get a gem.

Here’s Rockhopper’s Island.

Members can purchase more items.

Here’s the catalogue:

Get the gem as told.

It’ll then be added to the ship.

Reboard the Migrator again.

We’ve arrived at Shipwreck Island!

Rockhopper will have more orders for you.

This is Shipwreck Island:

Go over to the materials and click them a few times to build the beacon.

You’ll then get a free pin.

From here members can enter the special viking room.

They can get two free items from the chest:

Once you’ve finished the quest you can then sail wherever you want whenever you want.

This is the map:

You can also see the beacon in the Telescope:

That wraps up Rockhopper’s Quest! How are you liking it? Comment below!

(Thanks Trainman For Pics I Didn’t Make You Rock)


New Club Penguin Community Poll

There is a new poll on the Community section of Club Penguin. This poll has to do with the weekly updated Fan Art in the Coffee Shop. Here it is:

New Club Penguin Community Poll

  • Seeing everyone’s cool drawings
  • Getting ideas for my own drawings
  • Having my art published!
  • There’s fan art in Club Penguin?! I never knew!

I’d have to go with the first one, to see everyone’s drawings because each has their own specialty. What do you think? Let me know in a comment.

Club Penguin Migrator In Telescope

Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator, is now in the telescope! You can check it out by looking at the picture below, or going to the Beacon and clicking the telescope! More details are below.

Club Penguin Migrator In Telescope

Wow, the ship looks pretty close! Looks like he will be arriving soon. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

Club Penguin has issued a new newspaper. This week, we have issue 329. In this Times Issue newspaper, Club Penguin talks more about the Fashion Show, and a little bit about the new party. The newspaper is below.

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

The upcoming events are,

  • February 16: Migrator arrives
  • February 16: Better Igloos catalog

What do you think about this times issue newspaper? Let me know in the comments.

Club Penguin Underwater Expedition 2012 Cheats

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The 2012 Underwater Expedition has been released on Club Penguin! Like usual there are some free items.

Go to the Dock, and click on the nine pieces of trash that are in the water near the shore.

Once you’ve clicked all the items, you’ll have an option to get the Cleaned Up Dock Background.

At the Beach you can get the Heavy Hat:

If you’re a member you can enter the maze:

This is what the maze looks like. Click the image for the path answer.

At the end of the Maze you can pick up the Submarine Suit.

This is what the end of the Maze looks like:

Also, one you complete the maze you can access the final room directly from the Beach.

The Submarine Suit does a special action when you sit.

Throwing snowballs in a tilted room has them roll a little. (Thanks to Trainman)

Clicking an anvil at the Beach causes it to rise:

Finally, farting makes bubbles. (Thanks to Trainman)

And if you go to the dock you should see all of this (Clean & Dirty)



And check this out:

Comment Below!

–Note I’m Still Working On This Post Thanks For Coming–

New Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Homepage

Recently when visiting the Club Penguin website I realized, Club Penguin has updated it with an Underwater Expedition theme. The Homepage tells you how many days left till the party ends, it is six days at the moment. Check it out:

I really like the Underwater Expedition design on the Club Penguin Homepage. Do you agree? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

New play, new catalog, new pin!

Pfui, I have plenty to post about today. First, we have a new play called Secrets of the bamboo forest. It’s not a brand new one, and it’s the same thing as last year.

Club Penguin Bamboo Forest Play

Then we have the new Catalog…

New clothing catalog 6/9/11
Oh, and I apologize for not getting you the cheats…I’m too busy these few days…

For the pin please check our pin tracker.

(Pin is enchanted feather and location is beacon/observatory on top of lighthouse)

Medieval Catalog Items Sneak Peek!

Today I was looking through Club Penguins’s files when I found a spoiler for what the two items will be when Club Penguin updates their Medieval Catalog this Friday! There will be the Lute (returned) and an all new Purple Dragon Costume! It looks pretty sweet. Here are the items:


Awesome! To get these items you must wait until the end of the week when Club Penguin updates. We’ll be sure to let you know right away!

Medieval Party Cheats

Hello Penguins!

The Medieval Party is here with a whole new quest for members! Before we get there, I would like to start with the free items and then continue with the catalog, Quest 1, Quest 2, and finally Quest 3! There’s a lot to post, so let’s get started!


The first free item  is at the Lighthouse. I’m sure you all remember that blue wizard hat Club Penguin has been giving to everyone since the Medieval Party was released, right? Well, for the first year ever, Club Penguin changed that blue wizard hat to… A PURPLE WIZARD HAT! Wow Club Penguin, you really work on hard on parties, right? o.o Kidding!! Being sarcastic.. LOL. Head to Lighthouse and pick it up!

That’s it! No more free items for non-members. Now let’s take a look at the Medieval Party Clothing catalog! Yaay! Club Penguin has added 6 new items. The red, yellow, and blue tabards and shields… aaand a green hooded cloak which is pretty old. There’s only 1 hidden item which is the torc. To get this item, simply click the green hooded cloak on the catalog. Take a look:

Psst.. I’ve just been informed that the new dragon is going to be purpleish! Take a look:

Sweet! Did you noticed Club Penguin will be adding 2 new items next week? One of them is a dragon and the other one looks like a guitar… I say I can’t wait for the new dragon color! It’s gonna be awesome!! So, should we get started with the quests now? I’m ready to beat some dragons up! Haha…

Medieval Quest #3 Walkthrough:

To start, go to the Pool and enter the 3rd quest. This one is pretty simple, just look carefully and know where the yellow, red, or blue marble was. Here’s a tip; watch 2 marbles, don’t watch 3, it’s much easier if you just stare at 2. Oh yeah, you must step on the platform to let the machine know your answer.

Once you are done, waddle to the next room. Here you will need to click buttons to open and close doors. Click the red button, then click the green button, and then go all the way back to the yellow button. Don’t forget to pick your helmet!!

Now waddle to the next room. Here you will find a shield and instructions on how to defeat the 3 dragons. Go to the next room….

This room is pretty easy! It’s just complicated… To defeat the three dragons you must; throw snowballs to the lava so it can “kill” the blue dragon, throw snowballs to the red dragon to kill him, and finally, use your shield to reflect the yellow’s dragon fireballs or whatever you want to cal them LOL.

Once you’ve defeated them, a bridge should fall from the sky and you should now be able to access the next room in which you will find a silver armor! Pretty cool, huh?

I really like this party but I’ve got to admit Club Penguin is getting lazy. Did you noticed I finished posting this at night? Why? Because Club Penguin was all glitchy during the afternoon and nothing worked! Oh well…

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think! I’ll go to sleep… haha!

Knight Quest #2 Ultimate Guide:

Step 1:

Log on into Club Penguin  and once you are in, you will find a sign that says “Knights Needed”. Click “go there” or go to the Plaza, enter the pool and access the Second Quest!

Step 2:

Once you are in, you will noticed there are 4 statues with 1 torch each one. Throw three snowballs to each statue until you turn the off.

Step 3:

Once you defeat fire, you will enter a new room with a mini game on it! This mini game is a a puzzle, but it changes for everyone every time you enter that room. Sorry guys, there’s no guide for this one, just give it a try.

Step 4:

Once you have opened the gate, enter the next room. In this new room you will find a NEW free item which is Noble Horse for Members Only. Take a look:

Step 5:

Now just walk to the next room.

Step 6:

Okay, this room is the hardest one. You need to defeat a dragon! It’s pretty easy, just click the poster and follow the rules. Just fill up the barrel, Click button when green to spray (3 times) and once you’ve done that, throw the dragon 3 snow balls!

Step 7:

Once you’ve defeated the dragon, the gate will open! Walk into it and pick up your free item!!

Step 8:

Congratulations, you are finally done! But before you leave, make sure to pick up your toothbrush! Look:

Cool huh? Now guess what? It’s time to post the first Knight Quest… The first Knight Quest is exactly the same one from last year. Here’s how to complete the first quest succesfully!

Knight Quest #1 Ultimate Guide

Step 1:

Log on into Club Penguin  and once you are in, you will find a sign that says “Knights Needed”. Click “go there” or go to the Plaza, enter the pool and access the First Quest!

Step 2:

Once you’ve entered the Quest, light up the 5 orbs.

Step 3:

In the second room you will find a free item which is the Staff and Shield. You will also have to throw 50 snowballs to the targets and once you are done, the gate will open…

Step 4:

In the third room, you will find an Iron Helmet. Make sure to pick it up! Since this room is kinda hard, follow the arrows from the image below.

[Image coming soon]

Step 5:

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are finally done with the first quest! In the last room you will find an Iron Armor, make sure to pick it up too!

Pretty cool huh? The new party is pretty cool and I really like the free items. So what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think about the Medieval Party!

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