Join/Write for us

Are you a Club Penguin expert who don’t have a host for all your energy?

Or want to prove your skills to your friends? If so, you came to the perfect place!

We accept all CP fans who want to write for us, and you don’t need so much CP knowledge to join us. Let start smooth. Maybe you are not so good at it, but we’re sure you will become it.

All you need is a computer (I bet you have one since you’re looking at this page 🙂  and Internet available and a intermediate knowledge of Club Penguin. It’s OK if you don’t have Email (we provide email for your convenience.) and be able to use your computer at least 3 times a week to post @ T0 cp cheats(or less:()

We reward good writers with CP coins and membership cards.

A real person is going to check you application and start bloggin’ !

T0 cp cheats team



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