How To Become A E.P.F Agent

This is how to be an E.P.F agent




1) Click on your mail or ask some one to send you one.

2) Walk in to the everyday phoning facility.

3) Click on the ringing phone.

4) Click to take the test

EPF1) Hit the target with your snowball

EPF2) It will ask you to go to the green square after you hit the target

EPF3) Run to the red square when the put the walls down

EPF4) After you run to the red square and complete it. the screen will ask you to hide. Once they have their cameras down throw a snowball at camera 2.

EPF5) Hide behind one of the pillars

EPF6) after the time is up it will have a cage trap.

EPF7) Walk to the blue square

EPF8 ) You are trapped

EPF9) Throw a snowball at the blue power box

EPF10) You are now an EPF agent

Walk into the elevator to view your field ops and mission’s


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