Free stuff

Here are some offers you might want to consider:

Free memberships:

Nothing available

Coin codes/card jitsu codes

Nothing available

Free penguins:

19 available: penguin with 1500+ days of experience, more than 999800 coins, 28+ pins, some puffles, NOT banned for life, 20+ party exclusive accessories/clothes, very rare. This is not a private unwanted/trained penguin. Do not buy memberships for him unless you want to take the risk of losing it for life. Active penguin.Offer valid 2011-until banned 4 life.

2.Starter penguin, 140 days, owner quit after 60 days quite much pins and clothes(never been member). This penguin’s owner  is one of the authors of this website, he doesn’t visit it anymore. Safe to buy a membership for this penguin & password changeable. First call fist serve basis.

17 more…

Get your free prize here:

Fill in this form with your T0 CP cheat username & password. If you don’t have one, please register here, free & simple.

Were you looking for free items(real CP game)? Try this:


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