Club Penguin Times Issue #329

Club Penguin has issued a new newspaper. This week, we have issue 329. In this Times Issue newspaper, Club Penguin talks more about the Fashion Show, and a little bit about the new party. The newspaper is below.

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

Club Penguin Times Issue #329

The upcoming events are,

  • February 16: Migrator arrives
  • February 16: Better Igloos catalog

What do you think about this times issue newspaper? Let me know in the comments.


Club Penguin Blog: February Party Coming Soon

Happy77 has yet made another post on the Club Penguin Blog. She wants to announce that there will be a new party coming later this month. More information on that is below. She also gives us a sneak peek of the new stage play coming Thursday with the updates.

Happy77 says she will be having sneak peeks for the party very soon. Keep checking back on Club Penguin Cheats for updates. According to the Club Penguin Events Calendar, which we had an exclusive post at the beginning of the year, it will be the Rockhopper Adventure Party. We’ll just have to wait and see to make sure, though!

Happy77 has given us a sneak peek of the new play at the Stage, coming Thursday with the updates. The play is called “The Vikings That Time Forgot”. We will have the Catalog Cheats for the Stage Play Catalog here, Thursday morning, on Club Penguin Cheats.

Club Penguin Blog: February Party Coming Soon

Let me know what you think the play, “The Vikings That Time Forgot” play is about in the comments.

New Club Penguin Coloring Page

Club Penguin has added a new coloring page to their Coloring Pages gallery on the Community page. This coloring page has a penguin that is underwater, it relates to the Underwater Party. Let’s check it out and see how it looks.

New Club Penguin Coloring Page

This coloring page looks awesome, I’m going to print it out and color it! Are you? Let me know in the comments.

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #68 Cheats

Today Gary has given you a new assignment to complete. Just follow our guide to claim your 68th field-ops medal.

1. Go to the EPF command room and click on the yellow board.

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #68 Cheats

2. Now head over to the pizza parlour and waddle over to behind the cash machine.

3. Now just try and find the correct sequence with the shapes provided for you.

Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #68 Cheats

Congratulations for claiming your 68th field-ops medal. Was this assignment difficult? Let me know in a comment!

Shunting Down Both Blogs For A Week Or Two

Note Blog Will Be Shut Down Soon This Is Just Of A Week Or Two We Will Come Back We Will Shut Down Later Today So Please Come Back When we Open Again Ill Let You Guy Know When We Will Come Back Thanks For Everything Guy You All Rock :)

Club Penguin DJ Cadence Tracker February 2012 Fashion Show

DJ Cadence is in the house! DJ Cadence got here just in time to host the 1st Fashion Show. Help us track DJ Cadence using the chat below to walk down the catwalk together with the one and only DJ Cadence! If you find her, don’t forget to pick up her new background, add her as a friend, and collect her stamp. Have fun!

NOTE: The tracker above is updated manually by our team or whenever Monchocho is online. Please use the chat below if any members of our team are offline to help us track/find DJ Cadence faster.

Xat Chat Here

Coming Soon

Cadence is a local Club Penguin DJ and a great dancer. She is a peach colored penguin who has purple hair with pink tufts, green headphones, a pink and yellow scarf, a pair of pink and yellow wristbands, black eyelashes, along with white and black shoes. She does not have any body items, however. Cadence and others like to think of her as a cool penguin, usually indicated by the hip attire and the way she speaks. (Club Penguin Wiki)

  • Cadence usually goes online when an important event is going on such as the Fashion Show.
  • Cadence constantly changes server. She usually logs on for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Cadence can be found in more than 1 server – she usually has “clones”.
  • Cadence is more likely to be found on servers with 3 to 5 green bars (Amount of penguins online)
  • Cadence usually goes on crowded servers such as Mammoth, Frozen, Yukon, etc.
  • If you can’t find her make sure to help us track her on our Chat.
  • Cadence is a pink penguin who wear purple hair with pink tufts, green headphones, a pink and yellow scarf, a pair of pink and yellow wristbands, black eyelashes, along with white and black sneakers.

Are you ready to move? If you find her make sure to leave a comment and tell everyone on the chat above where she is. Also, please make sure to follow our Xat rules so you won’t get banned. How are you enjoying the fashion show so far? I love it!

Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Club Penguin Fashion Show February 2012 Walkthrough Guide Cheats

Ah, what a let down! Not much to say here… The Fashion Show has just started but sadly, there’s nothing to talk about here. There’s no free items, cheats or anything. Here’s how the Gift Shop looks like:

There’s also a new Clothing Catalog but I’ll make another post about that. You can change stuff around the Gift Shop by clicking the buttons on the computer. Click the yellow button to change the “Fashion Show” banner, the blue one to change the runway lights, and finally click the red and green buttons to change the lighting form the sealing.

There’s also a new homepage about the Fashion Show. I usually never post about this kind of stuff but to be honest, I love it! It’s so classy yet fun! I love seeing all hose flashes! It makes me feel famous… he he! Take a look below:

So what do you think? I honestly thought the Fashion Show would be huge but I guess I was wrong. I wish they could add one free items. What do you think? Don’t forget DJ Cadence will be waddling around the Gift Shop for the next 2 weeks and yes – everyone will be able to meet her!

Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

New Club Penguin Fashion Show Login Screen’s

Club Penguin has recently released two new Fashion Show login screen’s. One of the new login screen’s is animated, and both are about the Fashion Show. On the first login screen it shows a yellow penguin with her purple puffle walking on the runway and on the right side it shows Cadence with a green penguin taking pictures. The second login screen show’s you the same yellow penguin with the purple puffle on a membership card. Take a look:

What do you think about this? Tell me in a comment below.

New Club Penguin Fashion Show Homepage

Today, a brand new Homepage design was released on the Club Penguin Site. Whenever there is an event like a party on Club Penguin, the Homepage design will be related with that party event. The new design is to do with the Fashion Show! Check it out:

The Fashion Show is only for thirteen days only! What do you think? Comment below and tell us.