Stamp Guide

1) Click on your penguin.

2) Click your stamp’s.

3) You can edit your stamp book.

4) Click the pencil at the bottom left of your penguin’s stamp book located at the bottom left.

5) Here are option’s you can do to decorate your stamp book.

that’s what it would like full view.

6) Here you can change the (Color,Highlight,pattern and Icon)

7) You can find stamp’s you earned by categories and place them on your stamp book

8) You can save your stamp’s you placed on your book by pressing the save button

9) You can “Open” Your stamp book by pressing your Icon you selected at Direction 6.

10) When you open there are content’s

11) There are (Event’s,Activities,Game’s,Video game’s and Pins)

12) If you look at the stamp book guide you see the rank’s of stamp’s on how (Easy,Medium, Hard and Extreme) and there is (Member stamp book,Edit and save)

and you can view other people’s stamp books by clicking their player card and pressing the stamp button.

The 5th button to the right you can click on.


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